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Learn how Sermon Outline AI can improve your preaching

Is Sermon Outline AI actually free?

Absolutely! You'll get 10 free sermon outlines (no Credit Card required). But be careful, most pastors don't stop at their free sermon outlines. They love the clarity, creativity, and Biblical accuracy in these outlines. Plus, saving hours each week in prep time makes it an easy choice to subscribe and get unlimited outlines, manuscripts, and sermon ideas.

What if my church finds out I used this site?

Sermon Outline AI is a reference tool for preachers. We make sermon prep quicker and easier. But preachers must still do the hard work of study. Preaching in any context requires knowing your audience and making your material personal. Sermon Outline AI can't do that, only the preacher can. If your church finds out you're here, great! They'll know you value your time.

Do I need to cite this website in my sermon?

One of the advantages of using AI is the sermon resources you receive have never been used before and are not copyrighted by another preacher. That means you have free use of the materials in any way you'd like to use them. You do not need to cite materials and there is no requirement to give credit to this site or anywhere else.

Who is behind this site? Can I trust it?

Sermon Outline AI is owned and operated by, the #1 sermon research website in the word.

Why should I trust AI to write my sermon?

You shouldn't! If you're here for an AI sermon to blindly preach, you're in the wrong place. Nobody can 100% trust AI to deliver accurate quotations or historical claims. Everything you preach should be double-checked and carefully considered. AI has the tendency to make things up, just like humans who report on the news, on the internet, and elsewhere :)

What kind of sermon outlines will I receive?

Sermon Outlines AI provides 3-point outlines for your sermon. You simply tell us the Scripture passage, your desired sermon title,  the topic you want to preach, and the main point you want to communicate to your audience. We'll take care of the rest.

What if I don't like a point or my whole sermon outline?

No problem, it's not all going to be gold. If you don't like what you get the first time, simply request a new outline ... you can use the same criteria to see if AI comes up with something different, or better yet, use different criteria in your request to get a different result. Explaining your main point in more detail is always helpful.

What if I prefer a specific Bible translation?

Not a problem. For a specific translation, be sure to include the reference in your Scripture request. For example, Scripture: John 3:16 NIV will lead the AI result in the direction of the New International Version. Or, you could include the translation in the main point of your request.